Voices from FUKUSHIMA Vol.2 Rev. Tokuun TANAKA

It can be said that the nuclear accident is the result of our continuous pursuit of comfortable life: Being content with materialistic civilization, we have run for profit not considering how precious and important the sea, the mountains, and future generations of 40 or 50 years after us are. There is a Buddhist teaching, “karmic retribution” (reaping as one sows). If you do something wrong, it always comes back to you. If we damage nature, it surely returns to us. You all know this law of Karma.

This nuclear accident could be a sign of the last opportunity given us, humans and to the Earth to survive. To minimize a tragic shock that will come someday, all depends on our way of life, that is to say how we behave in several years to come. The Earth is giving out signs. She has been crying, being damaged for 40 years by endless human greed. Nankai Earthquake is predicted to happen in the near future. There is a nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture where the fast breeder-reactor “Monju” is installed. Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant is located in Omaezaki City, Shizuoka Prefecture. (This is within the area which would surely be hit by Nankai Earthquake.)

When we have our ordinary daily life back in our hands, we easily get used to it and forget what had happened before. I, therefore, sometimes go to the sea to recollect what happened then. Two years and a half makes me look such a person within me. I think this is human adaptability. But I still remember the fright I felt when the nuclear power plants exploded.

Either good or bad, clear signs are given. Let us keep them in our mind. I remember on March 11 when the earthquake struck, I felt numb and thought “it has come.” Sooner or later, time will come definitely, and so the earthquake and the tsunami. I think it would be good to build a tide-water control forest, a forest for the repose of departed souls. This will be a great help. There is no law that we cannot do with, since it is made by us, humans. We want and should start with what we can do.

I think it important more than anything else to keep moving forward at a steady pace, doing one’s own part, the government officials do theirs and we our own. Let’s begin with what we can do.