Voices from FUKUSHIMA Vol.7 Ms. Mikiko MATSUNO

Remaining positive, one can change one’s way of living.
The true reconstruction after the catastrophe is far away to go still. Hamadori is not the only disaster area in Fukushima. There are a lot of people who suffer from hearsay even now. I cannot say that there is no danger in Fukushima. But there are a lot of things and places which are safe. There are a lot of the beauties of nature, hot springs, and the beautiful sea. Fruits, rice and of course fish are delicious. Although Fukushima is located in the Tohoku district (the northeastern region of the mainland Japan), it is relatively warm in winter and cool in summer. The earthquake gave me an occasion to reflect and rediscover Fukushima. What a wonderful and beautiful place Fukushima is! I had never thought like that before the disaster, but very much appreciate it now.
People who frequent the salon say there are not only bad sides about the earthquake. They say smilingly that particular incident was an occasion for them to feel more grateful and happy in their daily life. Above all, they could make friends with a lot of people. If one remains positive, one can change one’s way of living. That is what they taught me.

I appreciate your continued support for the residents of Minamisoma city and Fukushima.
Thank you very much.